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Our Equipment

A professional team should be equipped with all the right tools for the job and possess the necessary training to make proper use of their equipment. Our movers employ proper safe moving practices, to arrive at a site properly geared and ready for anything is a point of pride for our agents and movers. Through preparation and training we guarantee that every move is a smooth, stress free experience.


Our teams always carry the following

4 Wheeler Dollies

This versatile tool is a must carry on any site, it’s use is king when great flat distances need to be covered such as in apartments and offices. They also come in handy when faced with heavier items such as pianos and safes. These dollies provide a stable base for large items to be carted and typically have a carrying capacity of 600-800lbs.

2 Wheeler Dollies

Imperative for appliances and boxes, the two wheeler also finds a lot of use in apartments and offices. It’s possible to move all manner of furniture on a two wheeler, from bookcases, fridges and even couches, this tool is a must on any move.

Moving Pads

This tool is really the mainstay of any professional movers arsenal of equipment. It’s important to carry pads with the thickest padding and strongest weave possible. These pads are meant to not only protect furniture but also your home. We will also wrap glass and other fragile, scratch prone panels in pads. Pads also allow a stable and safe base to slide furniture around tight corner and between tight squeezes.

Moving Skins

While moving skins will get the job done they simply don’t provide the same level of protection offered by a true pad. They do come in handy for certain things but pads are really the defatco in any professional moving team’s truck.

Packing & Masking Tape

It’s important to use the right tape for their intended purpose. Packing tape is used for securing boxes and strapping pads to furniture while masking tape is used for securing doors on furniture. While packing tape is strong, it’s adhesive can damage furniture.

Piano Skid

Used mostly for pianos but serves the same purpose for any excessively heavy items. The point of the skid is to make use of it as a solid base for safely maneuvering heavy items. It allows for heavier items to be moved along stairs and loaded onto 4 wheelers for easy moving. It also serve’s as a base for movers to hold and attach lifting gear to.

Ratchet Straps

Used mostly for securing loads in our trucks, ratchet straps also come in handy when mounting furniture to other moving equipment such as piano skids and dollies.


Runners are floor covering matts, just as movie stars make their entrance on a red carpet so do professional movers. These matts protect your floors and stairs from dirt and scratches. High-end runners are king as they will properly secure to carpeted stairs.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is used mostly on top of pads to further secure them to furniture. While tape does keep a pad in place, shrink wrap will guarantee the pad covers the entire piece. It’s also handy for securing loose doors on furniture.

Full Socket & Tool Sets

Should you have any assembly/disassembly needs our teams come equipped with a full set of tools. A standard carry includes, a full socket set, screwdriver set, plyers, allen keys, & more…

Forearm Lifting Straps

These straps, comparable with a hump strap, is handy when moving any heavy piece of furniture or appliance. It lightens the load on a mover’s back while also allowing greater control over the piece while in transit on stairs or in tight corners.


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