V2 Long Hauls

Long Haul – Cross-Canada Moving

We offer Long Haul moving services across Canada, our range is across the Hwy-1 from Coast to Coast and all of Western Canada. We’re available to carry loads big and small and always come equipped for all perceivable needs.

Most important when planning a Long distance move is to consider the distance travelled and volume of goods being shipped. The distance travelled will naturally have a bearing on variable costs such as fuel, labor, equipment, permits, living costs. etc. While distance travelled is important it’s imperative that you also know the size of your load as well. Not only is it important for the shipper but by knowing your own load weight you will be better equipped to hire the right mover and know the actual needs of you own move.

No Hidden fees, flat rates only!

To reduce stress we only offer flat rates, in order to provide accurate flat rates we must know the weight of your load to calculate the volume of your load. Typical household goods packed by professional movers will average 7lbs per cubic foot. Through the use of item sheets and online weight calculator it’s possible to get a pretty good idea of your own load weight.

Check out our weight calculator section!

Booking Confirmation

We confirm all bookings through .PDF email which will list all details such as goods being shipped, contact info, pricing etc… For Canada-Wide Long Hauls we do require a %10 deposit upon booking. Only pay the remainder of your bill upon safe delivery of your goods into your home.