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Moving Long Distance with Duke

Planning a long distance move doesn’t need to be stressful! We offer both Short & Long Haul service from our primary offices located in Regina SK. We’re available to carry loads big and

Short hauls constitute anything under 12h round trip of driving from one our main offices. These loads would include move’s like (But not limited to) Regina SK <-> Calgary AB , Saskatoon SK <-> Winnipeg MN.

Long Haul moves would be considered anything longer then a short haul. We offer Long & Short hauls exclusively as stress free flat rates, we include all material, permits, fuel, and everything else within our singular fee.

If leaving from Regina & surrounding area it’s recommended to make an appointment with one of our agents for a free in home assessment of your move. By seeing the load and getting an idea of our clients needs we’re given the necessary information to provide the best possible move experience and service.

For long haul loads looking to be picked elsewhere in Canada we will require an accurate item list which can be sent in as a spreadsheet or done over the phone. Only by taking the time to gather all the necessary details about your move are we able to accurately estimate the weight of your load and therefor the volume of space required in our truck. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service at affordable rates.

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