V2 Hourly Pricing

Hourly Pricing

Hourly Rates are the defacto pricing scheme in this industry, to provide some choice and piece of mind we offer 2 forms of hourly rate and offer free in home assessments. 

Standard Hourly Rates

An hourly rate is the typical pricing scheme offered by most moving companies. It includes an hour of travel time to cover base costs and pre move preparation, every hour is billed according to your rate. We bill in increments of 30 minutes, should we be over an hour by 15 minutes or less there is no additional charge.

eg: 4.5h move * $95/h + $95 travel = $475

*Rates may vary by season and availability.

Typical Rates
2 Men & Truck : $85/h – $105/h
3 Men & Truck : $110/h – $135/h

Targeted Hourly Rates

A targeted hourly rate is meant to provide piece of mind that your agent and movers and working with the aim of meeting our estimated moving time. This is achieved by offering  a great discount on “overage hours”, this would be time past our agent’s estimate of your needed moving time. We’re usually spot on when it come’s to total move time and take pride in saving our clients money by being efficient and honest. This rate also applies a travel time fee to help cover setup and equipment costs

*Rates may vary by season and availability

Typical Rates
2 Men & Truck : $95/h – $115/h
3 Men & Truck : $120/h – $145/h

eg: Your move took 7h and you were quoted 4h as total.
(4h * $95) + (3h * $50) + $95 (Travel Time) = 625

Our aim is to provide quality service @ affordable rates, while local jobs are usually billed hourly we also offer Flat rates for Local & Long Distance moves