Frequently Asked Questions


What is your area of operation

Within Regina area and across western Canada.

 What forms of payment are accepted?
  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit (Visa & Mastercard)
  • Cheque (On exception)
  • Email Money Transfer

 How are my goods protected during moving/transport?

We only employ professional movers who’ve been trained to our standards of moving. All pieces are wrapped before moving and proper equipment used during moving and packing into our trucks. We offer an insurance of $0.65/lbs, typically if a minor damage has occurred a cash credit mutually agreed upon is given.

 Can you move/load my TV, painting, mirror, etc…?

While we come equipped for all needs and certainly offer services for special needs items we require a heads up prior to move date so that we may take the necessary steps to ensure the safe transport of your item.

 When is payment due?

We ask for full payment only upon safe delivery of your goods into your new home, office, storage. However if booking a large long distance move we will require a deposit to secure your booking and our own scheduling. In short we don’t collect full payment until our truck is unloaded and it has been agreed that items were received in good order.

 How long will my Long Haul be in transit?

The amount of transit time varies from season, weather conditions, scheduling etc… We are however able to provide delivery windows, we take pride in honouring our delivery commitments and providing great service.

How are bookings confirmed?

We confirm all bookings with a .pdf invoice, upon reception of a reply your move is considered a go. This invoice lists all pertinent information to your move such as addresses, contact info, dates & times, items being moved, special notes etc… We also call the day prior to reconfirm that everything is a go for the big day.